Dansk Indkøb

Dansk Indkøb

Save time and money with Dansk Indkøb

Dansk Indkøb gives small companies the same buying opportunities that big companies enjoy.

“We help companies to save money,” explains Niels Munck, CEO and co-owner of Dansk Indkøb in Ballerup. “By using us, small and medium sized companies are able to buy in on the same advantageous terms as those enjoyed by the big companies.”

At present, about 4,000 companies have an annual subscription with Dansk Indkøb, which entitles them to benefit from the purchase agreements that Dansk Indkøb has negotiated. The customers are companies in all sectors, typically small and medium sized companies with a staff of 100 or less. Dansk Indkøb offers its subscribers a full range of products that do not form part of the company’s primary production.

“For instance, we do not supply flour to a bakery or steel to a steelworks,” adds Niels Munck. “What we can do is provide advantageous deals on electricity, office supplies, telephony and so on.”

More money and more time
A subscription with Dansk Indkøb costs between DKK 3,500 and DKK 80,000, and in addition to providing cash savings it also eases the daily workload.

“As a general rule, we reckon on subscribers saving anything from three to seven times the cost of their subscription on their purchases,” continues Niels Munck, “and often there are even bigger savings to be made.”

In addition to the savings, companies are also free from having to keep an eye on the different product segments, hold bidding rounds and negotiate contracts for things like supplies of gas, office items and electricity.

“We help them through the jungle. There are many things you have to be aware of, but a subscription with Dansk Indkøb enables companies to save both money and time – and as we know all too well, time is also money,” points out Niels Munck.

Good offers for employees
Dansk Indkøb was originally founded in 1992 in the town of Slagelse. At the beginning of this century, the company came under new ownership and relocated to Ballerup, where it has subsequently undergone major developments – including going national and taking in local franchisees.

Niels Munck took over the management of the company last year and under his leadership a number of new initiatives are in the pipeline. For instance, Dansk Indkøb is in the process of introducing a flexible salary package system – a so-called gross salary model – whereby individual employees are able to receive various benefits through the company. These types of benefits have previously only been something that the biggest companies could negotiate on behalf of their staff. Adds Niels Munck: "We are able to offer favourable benefits to members of staff including telephony, PC, health insurance, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, and broadband connections.”

Sights set on major customers
Dansk Indkøb has also decided to focus on yet another customer segment: large companies. Even though they are already in a position to negotiate large contracts on their own behalf, Niels Munck considers that large companies could save even more on their purchases if they chose to avail themselves of what Dansk Indkøb can offer.

“Where we can bring small companies with 100 staff or less up to a purchasing strength equal to 200-300 staff, we can bring companies with 200-500 staff right up to a purchasing strength that is the equivalent of major companies such as COOP, Dansk Supermarked and Mærsk,” explains Niels Munck, who has previously worked for both COOP and Dansk Supermarked for some years.


  • Dansk Indkøb A/S, Energivej 13, 2750 Ballerup
  • Dansk Indkøb gives its subscribers a share in a joint purchasing scheme, where bulk buying means lower prices.
  • Dansk Indkøb offers a range of products and commodities including office supplies, broadband, petrol/diesel, electricity, coffee, car insurance etc.
  • An annual subscription costs between DKK 3,500 and DKK 80,000.
  • Further information is available at (in Danish only).
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